Qwertyuiop Media Ltd Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the privacy practices Qwertyuiop follow at the web site operated by Qwertyuiop.org.

How do Qwertyuiop Collect and Use Information About You?

Browsing and Searching: Qwertyuiop collect certain information from you when you browse and place searches on our sites. For example, this information may include the web site that you just came from and identity of the web site you next go to, the type of browser you are using, and your Internet Protocol ("IP") address. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web, allowing web servers to locate and identify your computer. Computers require IP addresses in order for users to communicate and browse on the Internet. Qwertyuiop may also collect the date and time of your visit, the number of visits and searches you make, your server type, your operating system type, the country, state and telephone area code where your servers are located, the pages and page titles of our sites that you viewed during your visit, whether your computer is enabled for Java or cookies or other applications and plug-ins, and any search terms you enter on our sites. Qwertyuiop use this information on an aggregated basis to determine our visitor's preferences and interests and to research our visitors' demographics and pages viewed. Qwertyuiop will use this information to improve our marketing efforts, to analyse and track the use of our sites, to administer our sites, to improve our sites' offerings and to customise our sites' offerings, content, layout and services. Qwertyuiop may also place Cookies on your computer when you visit our Sites. How Qwertyuiop use Cookies is described below. Account Setup: If you set up an account with us, you will provide us your email address and a password. Qwertyuiop will use your email address to send you promotional materials and to communicate with you concerning our sites. Blogs: If you leave comments on any of our blogs, you will provide us your email address. Qwertyuiop may use your email address to send you promotional materials and to communicate with you concerning our sites. Social Networking: Qwertyuiop maintain accounts with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you choose to add us as a friend on Facebook, to follow our Twitter account or to follow us on any other social networking site, Qwertyuiop may use the information Qwertyuiop receive from you to send you promotional materials and to communicate with you concerning our sites. Favourites and Recently Viewed Items: As a feature of our sites, you may have the ability to add products, companies, brands and other offerings to your "favourites" so that you can more easily retrieve them later. Qwertyuiop will also keep track of items, companies and brands that you have recently viewed so that you can more easily view them again. Qwertyuiop may use this information to serve relevant ads to you. If you have an account with us, Qwertyuiop may send you promotional materials for products, companies and brands that are similar to those you have viewed in the past or added to your favourites. Site Features: Qwertyuiop may provide certain site features or other applications to users of our sites. In order to use these features, you may be required to provide information about yourself such as your email address or instant messaging address. Qwertyuiop will use this information as part of the features or other applications and may also use it to communicate with you or send you other promotional information. Feedback or Contact with Our Offices: If you provide feedback to us through the sites or otherwise contact us, Qwertyuiop may use the information you provide to us, including your name, telephone number, email address, and mailing address to communicate with you and to send you promotional materials.

Who Collects Information About You?

In addition to our collection of the information listed above, others may also collect your information as you use our site: Advertising Companies and Content Servers: Advertisements, pictures, product descriptions, search results and other content on our sites may be served by third party ad servers or content servers. Qwertyuiop may also use third party website analysis companies to analyse the usage of our sites. Those third parties may collect and pass along to us the same information listed that is listed under Browsing and Searching above. They may also place their own Cookies or Web Beacons on your computer to help those ads and other content to run, analyse site usage and to provide you with personalized on-line advertisements. Qwertyuiop receive reports from third party ad servers, content servers, or web site analysis agents that tell us how many ads were presented and clicked upon or what content was served or viewed. How they use Cookies and Web Beacons is described below. Email Services: Qwertyuiop may use a third party company to serve promotional emails that Qwertyuiop send to our users. Images contained in the emails may be served by third parties. They collect certain information about you such as your IP address, browser type, your operating system, the country and server your computer is logged onto, where the servers that your computer is logged onto is located, the time and date that a particular email was viewed, the area code and zip code associated with your server, and whether you responded to a particular ad or email. They may use their own Cookies as well.

Who do Qwertyuiop Share Your Information With?

Qwertyuiop may share your information, including your personal information, with third parties who provide services to our sites' visitors and to us. Those third parties include authorized contractors, temporary employees, consultants, ad servers and content servers, email service providers and other companies working with us (collectively, "agents"). Where Qwertyuiop believe it to be appropriate (in our sole discretion), Qwertyuiop will ask our agents not to disclose or use your personal information for purposes other than to provide services to us or to you. Qwertyuiop may share aggregated information concerning our users and their use of the sites to other merchants and advertising companies. Qwertyuiop may disclose data about you to the government if Qwertyuiop are required to do so or if Qwertyuiop think the disclosure is appropriate; and you authorize these disclosures. Qwertyuiop may also disclose data about you in connection with actual or potential lawsuits (a) if Qwertyuiop are required to do so, (b) if such disclosures may potentially mitigate our liability, or (c) to enforce our rights.

Cookies and Web Beacons

When you visit the sites, Qwertyuiop along with our ad servers, content servers, and web site analysis agents will place small text files called "cookies" on your computer hard drive that Qwertyuiop can retrieve when you visit the sites again to make your visit more relevant and to retrieve information from prior visits. The cookies store information about the searches you have made, the items you have viewed, the favourites you have saved, your user name and other information. A cookie is a small file on your hard drive that allows us to display your search preferences and notification preferences whenever you visit our sites. When Qwertyuiop send you promotional emails through our email services providers, they may also place a cookie on your computer. You can block cookies by changing the settings on your browser, but doing so may prevent us from delivering certain services to you in an effective manner. Cookies generally do not permit us to personally identify you. A Web Beacon or action tag (also known as a clear gif or a pixel tag) is a method used to track responses or actions by users who view certain advertisements or other information on our sites. Web Beacon are generally 1x1 pixel images embedded in a website page that are used to transparently collect information. Our ad servers, content servers, website analysis agents and email service providers may use Web Beacons in our sites and advertisements to count the number of times that visitors click on a particular advertisement or visit the pages of our sites and to provide information about what products are viewed or searched for or other similar actions taken. Without collecting any personally identifiable information, they use that data to tell us (and other advertisers across the internet) which ads are the most effective on particular sites or emails. They also use the information for the purpose of targeting future campaigns across the internet and upgrading visitor information used in reporting statistics. For this purpose, Qwertyuiop and our ad servers, content servers, and web site analysis agents, and third-party e-mail distributors note some of the pages you visit on our sites through the use of Web Beacons.

Choices Regarding Your Personal Information

You may "opt-out," or unsubscribe from our emails or promotional materials by following any unsubscribe instructions in any e-mail, newsletter or personalised on-line advertisement you receive from us. If you open a new account or otherwise subsequently sign up to receive marketing materials, your opt-out will end unless you opt-out again by following the opt-out instructions in the promotional materials.

Links To Third Party Sites

The sites include links to other web sites or resources ("External Web Sites"). For example, when you click on a particular product in search results you have obtained from our sites, you will be taken to a third party site that will collect information about you. Qwertyuiop.org has no control over External Web Sites and they will independently collect and maintain information about you according to their own policies and practices. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those External Web Sites. If you have concerns about how other web sites collect and use information about you, make sure to read that site's own privacy policy and contact them.

Sale of the Company

Qwertyuiop reserve the right to disclose your information, including your personal information, in the event that Qwertyuiop are sold, in whole or in part, either as an entire corporate entity or through an asset sale that includes a customer information database. This right is reserved whether or not the customer database is sold independently of any continuing operations of our company.

Notification of Changes

This policy may be revised over time as new features are added to the sites. Qwertyuiop will post our new privacy policy, along with the date of its last revision, so that you will always know what information Qwertyuiop gather, how Qwertyuiop use that information, and whether Qwertyuiop will disclose it to anyone. Please check this web page for information about revisions to our privacy policy. If you would like to receive e-mail notification of any such changes, please contact us at support@qwertyuiop.org requesting notification.

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