What does Qwertyuiop Do?

Qwertyuiop.org is a lead generator for businesses and comprehensive search directory for customers who are actively looking for business information or a specific quote for services and products from a variety of suppliers.

Recognising that users can be both Buyers and Sellers, Businesses or Consumers, Qwertyuiop was founded in 2010 to become the leading web site for generating real time leads for businesses and a place where customers can gain quotes for a variety of products and services absolutely FREE. Users are encouraged to create a listing to showcase their products and services AND request quotes from other suppliers for services that they might require. Register now

If I request a Quote from companies registered with Qwertyuiop do I have to use the supplier?

No, the decision to go ahead and work with any supplier is entirely yours. Using our service doesn't oblige you to use one of our suppliers the decision to go ahead is yours and yours alone.

Is the Request a Quote service free to use?

Yes it is, the service is completely free. Our suppliers pay us a small fee for subscription to the site, but for people seeking quotes there is no charge.

I'm concerned about submitting my business requirements - is it secure?

It's very important to us that all your personal details are kept secure. All quotes that you request from suppliers provide only the information that you wish to supply.

Business Information

What is a classified lead?

A classified lead means there's a person or company with a genuine requirement for quotes in the field of expertise represented by the participating companies sector.

As a Business Do I have to register with Qwertyuiop to quote for a job?

Yes you do. We hope that by charging Businesses for the service we reduce the need to place unrelated adverts and pop ups on the site making the overall experience more enjoyable.

How do I receive the kind of leads I want, and the quantity?

Our leads are dependant on customers specifying requirements for products and services, these requirements are communicated to participating business via our internal lead posting facility. If you decide to quote for a job all communication is sent directly to the inbox of the buyer and seller respectively.

How do I get Started?

As a business subscriber you start by registering your account and creating your home page displaying the products and services that you wish to provide. There is a monthly charge of £7.95p per month to ALL businesses that register with us and wish to quote for leads on the Qwertyuiop site Register now

How do I receive the qualified leads?

You will receive notification of all new leads by email. The email contains an outline of the brief for the job and invites you to login to your online account to retrieve the full details and follow the lead up.

What are the other features of my business online account?

Business Account features include a dedicated mailbox for the receipt of leads and quotes, a unique identity for each enquiry, an account listings page where you can create your business listing and an editing suite for updates and amends.

What is the level of competition for any lead?

Competition for each lead is driven by individual customer requirements and can vary.

How and when do I pay for the service?

Business users will be charged a monthly subscription fee of £7.95 via direct debit charged monthly in advance.

What if we win some work from a lead?

Congratulations! At Qwertyuiop we don't take any additional fees in respect of work that you win from the leads we provide.

What determines the order in which the advertisers appear in the directory?

The order which businesses appear on the listing pages is customer driven. Rather than putting each business into a category we at Qwertyuiop have developed a system that reflects the customer's precise requirements. Search results are dependant upon key words entered by the customer. In addition customers can sort their search based upon their key words by distance, relevancy to their search and or alphabetically.

Can I advertise more than one business?

Absolutely. We want to provide qualified leads for you in any area you'd like, the listings sector allows for multiple locations and multiple company names and listings. These additional listings are charged for in the same way as our individual listings, however if you have a requirement for 10 or more listings then please contact our support desk for help in tailoring your specific needs.

Will my Business Listing appear on other search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Yes it will. The Qwertyuiop web site is dovetailed into the leading search engines ensuring improved rankings for your existing website with the ability to reach your Business details via a variety of snippets that are generated by the Qwertyuiop web site via Tags created by you in the edit suite. A presence on the Qwertyuiop site improves your visibility on these sites.

What information is listed about my company?

The information provided in the Business directory can vary and is dependant on the business requirement, but each subscribing business will have:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Website link
  • Key word search facility and Tag generator
  • Areas of expertise
  • Unique Qwertyuiop mailbox.
  • Image gallery

How do I update/edit my business details already on Qwertyuiop?

Simply by using the edit suite facility within the listing service.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

We have a link on the login page that will send you a reminder.

Can my business have more than one 'administrator'?

Your account can be accessed by more than one person though only one at a time. If you access the site from a different location then the other person will need to be logged out.

Can I change my business description?

Yes at any time via your account listing edit facility

What makes a good company description?

A good company listing is one that generates you lots of leads and sales! The Tag facility within the listing edit suite enables businesses to select key words that accurately describe their products and services ensuring that they appear regularly within their target sectors and are picked up by other leading search engines.

Can I add more 'Product and Service Areas' keywords to my business listing?

Yes by utilising our key word tag generator within you edit facility.

What makes a good 'Product and Service Areas' keyword?

A Product or Service Area is a keyword that you believe customers will use when searching for your business' products and services online. A Product or Service Area can be general or specific, but it must relate to the products or service areas of your business. There is no limit to the number of Product and Service keywords you can have, but we do vet them to ensure they are relevant. It is in your company's interest to use appropriate and pertinent keywords. The more relevant the keyword, the more likely your listing is to receive positive hits, which will potentially generate business for you.

How do I remove my business details on Qwertyuiop.org

Contact us quoting your username and email address.

How do I submit a complaint?

Contact us us quoting your username and email address