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Right.. We have a plan! We want a social centre, you need a social centre and Manchester lacks a social centre...

Some of us have been involved with various squatted social centre projects which have been amazing for us and hopefully those whose visited.

The problem is not having a permanent space means we can only get on it part time. The community, the friendships and the love we have found could continue into infinity if... We raise some money. Here goes, we have some start up capital which we have raised, we have a lot of crew who are up for it, but we need a way of raising some money fast so we can get into a place as soon as.

If anyone can lend us a pound or two, it would be massively appreciated.. Think of it as an investment. We will have our own place, where we can get a cheap brew, some good vegan food, a locally brewed beer, some decent bands, a radical library, a place to organise, exhibit and find each other. Anything could happen... Seriously.

We promise that your money will be spent on renting a place in Manchester as soon as we have the cash, if you share our vision and would like to see a place like this, follow this link, we need to raise around a thousand pounds, 50p, a quid anything would be grand.

Come get involved, donate and let's make this happen, we have a deadline (which aint long away!) so if you are able to donate, please do it soon. It sounds like a faff but its going to be well worth it. Honestly.

We have three aims:

1)  To create a space where different community, campaign and activist groups can meet, organise and share ideas.

2)  To provide a space for members of the local community to both share their issues and solutions to their problems as well as find out about connected social injustices such as climate change, environmental degradation, corporate power, democratic deficits and other issues – in a participatory and empowering manner.

3)  To provide a space which breaks down the barriers between art, music, culture, community organising and political activism in Manchester.

Some of the things we want at the Social Centre

- meeting and workshop space

- vegetarian cafe-kitchen

- fundraiser space

- poster and leaflet space

- radical bookshop and library

- storage  space for community and campaign groups

- community allotment

- art studio

Thankyou for hearing our Voice

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