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Qwertyuiop.org Get Live Business Leads

Qwertyuiop.org is a company that provides a comprehensive search directory for customers and businesses alike.

Situated withi the Most Beautiful city on the Planet we hope to bring customers and Businesses together for One AIM...Mutual Satisfaction!

Open for both Businesses and consumers, Qwertyuiop.org is a trading platform designed to help users find businesses capable of providing quotes for specific job requirements locally, regionally and nationally.

The Qwertyuiop web site provides key functionality that allows users to:

  • Search for a Company
  • Search for a Product
  • Search for a Service
  • Post a Requirement

And for participating businesses to:

  • Showcase their products and services
  • Receive Live Business Leads
  • Quote for their next instruction
  • Generate Sales Leads

The interactive directory and "Quote me" facility, provides all users with the opportunity to specify precise requirements and receive qualified quotes and information from selected registered suppliers via the internal mail system. A clean site with little distraction we hope you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. Please don't wait to join; we could be in your area as soon as YOU join us!

Whether you are looking for a Plumber for your home an IT system for your office or simply booking a table at your favourite venue, Qwertyuiop brings customers and providers together, meeting the needs of both parties on one website. All businesses are looking for their next lead and all customers are looking for a comprehensive list of suppliers capable of providing quality services and value for money, Qwertyuiop aims to accommodate both.



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